Zimbabweans can now receive money via PayPal while Nigerians are still waiting

PayPal, over the last few years, is no doubt, one of the well known payment processors. The service wasn’t available to Nigeria and a large number of other countries at inception.

However, that changed when PayPal decided to extend it’s service to other countries including Africa and thus, Nigeria and Zimbabwe were added to the number of countries that could operate PayPal.

PayPal now working in Nigeria and Zimbakwe

While that seemed very welcoming and a breath of fresh air, it wasn’t a complete experience as the PayPal account could only be used in making payments or sending money. That’s more like PayPal standing as an intermediary between you and the merchant / receiver. Of course, that could only be achieved if a credit card is linked to the PayPal account. But, payments could not really be received using the PayPal account. Instead, reversed payments goes back to the credit card.

Thankfully, Zimbabweans can now send and receive money using their PayPal account. Who knows, Nigeria could be next.

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