Artisto App is just like Prisma but for converting Videos

Prisma was released a few weeks back and so far, the app has received a reasonable number of recognition. The prisma app basically allows you convert pictures into artworks. But what about videos? Check out Artisto.

Although it was mentioned that the developers are looking into integrating being able to apply art filters to videos, that hasn’t been brought to limelight.

Artisto, another newly launched app, uses AL for it’s filters just like Prisma. The app basically allows users apply artistic layers over videos.

artisto app for iOS

Just like Prisma, there are a lot of filters to choose from on the Artisto app. While some of the filters are reminiscent of the former, the app has got some unique filters of it’s own.

A feature worthy of note with the Artisto app is that, applying filters is easy and fast. It only takes a few seconds which is impressive for the amount of frames it has to process. More so, edited videos can easily be shared to Instagram and other social media.

Prisma will soon be rolling out the feature to apply filters to videos, and i think it would be interesting to compare with Artisto.

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