New update on WhatsApp brings about Voicemail feature and missed call notification

WhatsApp, the most popular mobile messaging app, has received an update which tend to bring about some touch to the call functionality.

WhatsApp introduced calling on it’s platform sometime last year and so far, that has been keeping most users satisfied in terms of calls over data instead of having to type long lengthy messages.

Few months back, it was rumored that the app is working towards bringing video calling feature on board. Well, we are still looking towards being able to not only call using the platform, but also engage in video calls.

While i initially stated that voicemail feature will likely be hitting the app soon, new update brought to the WhatsApp application has brought about some touch to the calling feature.

whatsapp new update with voicemail

Using the call feature, users can now choose to drop a voice message (voicemail) if the called recipient didn’t answer the call.

Not only that, users now get notified of missed calls (if any).

new whatsapp update with missed call notification

Now, while the missed call notification has always been on board, the new update allows users to actually see the missed call notification right in the chat window. Not necessarily having to go to the call log tab.

The new missed call notification is synonymous to what we already have on the Facebook messenger app. The only difference, however, would be the written option stating ‘CALL BACK‘.

Although the option to CALL BACK or return call isn’t displayed on the chat window on WhatsApp, tapping the missed call notification automatically returns the call. Cool huh?

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