Nokia will be unveiling 3 or 4 Android devices before the end of 2016

Nokia, a once very popular brand responsible for the evergreen Nokia 3310, has confirmed that it will be launching it’s new line of Android smartphones and tablet before the end of 2016.

When Nokia sold it’s mobile division to Microsoft, the deal signed stated that Nokia won’t produce any smartphone or consumer device with the Nokia brand till the last quarter of 2016.

The last quarter of 2016 is almost here and Nokia has made it official that it’s first Android phones and tablets will be released before the end of the year.

nokia android devices to be released before the end of 2016

Although the phones and tablets will be under the Nokia brand, they won’t be manufactured in the same plant. Instead, the devices will be manufactured by a Chinese company known as HMD.

The news on Nokia releasing Android smartphone by the end of the year was actually confirmed by the company’s China President, Mike Wang.

Mike Wang further disclosed to The Paper China news outlet, that the company will be launching 3 or 4 new Nokia-branded Android devices. Of course, the number includes both smartphones and tablets.

A recent sketchy rumor has it that Nokia is looking forward to launching two high-end phones. Both smartphones are rumored to run on Snapdragon 820 chip with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS under the hood.

Further specs on the rumored smartphones has it that both phones will feature a full metal body with dust resistance. More so, both phones will be a smaller and a bigger version.

If these speculations turns out to be true, then Nokia wants to bounce back with a bang. Until then, we certainly will have our ears to the ground.

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