That moment when snapchat does not want Facebook anymore

There is a lyrics going through my head right now… ‘I just don’t love you no more‘. Do you have an idea which song contains that lyrics? IA clue? Craig David.

That’s ‘possibly’ the case between Snapchat and Facebook as Snapchat has deleted it’s Facebook page.

It’d be recalled that Facebook’s Instagram, recently introduced a feature which is prominent with Snapchat. That created some buzz and it was instigated that Facebook is trying to steal snapchat’s glory.

snapchat deletes facebook page

What feature am I making reference to? Instagram stories. The feature is currently being used by over 300million people which is over half the number of instagram active users.

Anyway, the main koko of this article is that, snapchat has deleted it’s Facebook page. But then, before you jump into conclusion, the page hasn’t been updated for years now. The last update reads August 2013.

Snapchat facebook page

Nevertheless, am pondering why snapchat will just delete a page with over 6.50million likes. Although it was said that it was deleted as a result of the brand losing interest in the account, i like to think otherwise.

It’s twitter page with about 1.58million followers is still very active.

Visiting now returns a ‘Sorry, this content isn’t available right now‘ page.

Although am not concluding nor saying anything exactly, but, are you thinking what am thinking?

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