WhatsApp wants to share your account information with Facebook, here is how to stop them

Whatsapp recently adjusted it’s terms and privacy policy and the newly introduced is rather not pleasant. At least, for reasons best known to users. Myself inclusive.

WhatsApp, basically wants to share your account information with Facebook. And according to the team, this is basically intended to improve your Facebook ads. For all we know, there could be more.

Although, WhatsApp specifically mentioned that your phone number won’t be share, it’d probably be at your best interest not to allow sharing.

Yea, I know. There has always been an option to use Facebook in creating a whatsapp account before now. However, this new policy is quite different.

If you are like me who wouldn’t want to, in anyway, link my whatsapp account with Facebook, deactivating the sharing would be the best bet.


If you have received the updated terms and privacy policy, there are chances you may have tapped the ACCEPT option without reading the context. No, it isn’t your fault. I actually don’t read em either lol.

However, here’s how to still stop the sharing:

stop sharing whatsapp account with facebook

  • Launch your whatsapp account,
  • Tap on the option button and tap on settings
  • Under settings, tap on Account
  • Under account, you should see the option stating ‘share my account info‘.
  • Uncheck it and tap on ‘Don’t share‘.

So, there you go. That’s basically how to stop sharing your whatsapp information with facebook. Questions? Please share.

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  • I also saw this online but thought it was another fake alarm.
    But seriously, what info does whatsapp store about you except phone number? No address nor date of birth etc.

    I guess this is just basically about ad display. But wait a minute! During registration or reinstalling whatsapp, I think I do see ‘WHY WE DON’T SELL ADS’
    Did someone also notice that too?

  • How do u do the deactivation. On BlackBerry Q10 device. It’s not similar to the android steps u gave above.thanks

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