Apple beta testers gets iOS 10 Gold Master before official launch

Apple just unveiled the new iPhones – the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And customary with Apple, the company will be launching the official iOS 10 in a few days time. Bear in mind that the beta version has been around for a while now.

iOS 10 now available to apple beta testers

The iOS 10 will be available starting on the 13th of September, 2016. However, beta testers on the apple beta software program are already receiving the update.

I just got mine not quite long and I hope to give it a spin soonest.

iOS 10 gold master edition

Although the version received is tagged the Gold Master, it’s pretty much same OS others will be getting come September 13th.

The basic idea is allowing the beta testers get the OS update first hand and thus, reporting any bug if found.

If you are anxious to getting the new iOS 10, 13th of September is just around the corner. Hence, wait patiently for it. But, if for some reason, you want to join the Apple beta software program, here is how to.

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