Apple iPhone 7 has joined the explosion gang, so says a reddit user

Apple’s newly launched iPhone 7 has somewhat exploded and this has been making the rounds.  The image of the exploded iPhone 7 was shared by a reddit user who claimed that a coworker had pre-ordered the device, adding that the device had arrived in that condition.

exploded Apple iPhone 7

While not much information have been given regarding this, an update on the issue states that Apple and AT&T are aware of the incident, and a replacement will be sent.

It’d be recalled that Samsung is facing a major set back with the Galaxy Note 7 as a result of the explosions. A name has even been given and it’s being termed as ‘Explodegate‘.

Samsung has since, recalled over 2 million units, but that doesn’t change the fact that if you plan on getting the Galaxy Note 7, you should make arrangements for a fire extinguisher as well.

Although i am very much convinced that the iPhone 7 actually exploded as the image above clearly tells, a few persons actually thinks the device didn’t just explode on it’s own. Some think some kind of physical force was placed on the phone, thus, causing the battery to explode which is considered normal.

Oh well, whatever they think, i will bare in my mind that an iPhone 7 has exploded. At least, pending the time they erase the information on my minds by not just saying, but giving valid proof.

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