Facebook Live Feature will be making it’s way to Desktop

Facebook Live feature on mobile platforms have been around for a while now. It first started on the iOS platform and thereafter, went on to Android.

Although a small number of people first graced the feature, it is now available to most regions including Africa.

Facebook live coming to desktop

According to a Facebook representative, the feature will soon be available on Desktop too. The Facebook representative specifically said:

We’re starting to roll out the ability for people to broadcast live on Facebook from their desktop or laptop.

A source with knowledge of Facebook’s plans told SocialTimes that the launch was in response to high demand from Journalists, bloggers and others.

The feature is currently available to a ‘small percentage’ of users, and should be available to more users in the coming months. This shouldn’t be a surprise as that was same process the mobile version passed through.

With mobile being the quickest way to surf the internet and also communicate effectively, I am wondering the percentage of users who would want to use the desktop version over the mobile version.

Regardless, laptop with inbuilt Webcam, peripheral camera users should be able to utilize the feature when it becomes readily available.

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