Super Mario Run will be making it’s way to Android too

During the course of Apple’s iPhone 7 duo launch event, one of the keynote was that Super Mario Run will be available on the iOS platform.

Super mario run game is coming to android

This is the first time Nintendo will be bringing one of it’s own to mobile. For children of the 80s and 90s, the Super Mario game needs no former introduction. It was unarguably, one of the best games at the time. Whether or not, the game still retains that position certainly depends on you.

Hence, it’s interesting to note that we’d be having the endless runner on iOS soon. Precisely, in this forth coming holiday.

While the announcement sounded fascinating, I am sure most Android users were wondering if they will also be getting the pile.

Well, following the event, Nintendo revealed to Kotaku that the game will come to Android as some point in the future. However, no stipulated period was given.

Although sometime last year, precisely in May, the company said it plans to launch five mobile games by 2017. So far, we only have a social app called Miitomo, and maybe worth mentioning; Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go, however, isn’t exactly made by Nintendo. The company just has a stake in the app.

Point is, while iOS users will be getting the Super Mario game in the next few weeks, Android users may have to wait longer. Nevertheless, as a consolation, Android users will still get the game. After all, it’s better late than never.

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