[Tutorial] How to Unfreeze / Recover Apps On HiOS / Tecno Camon C9

So far, I’ve published quite a number of articles regarding the tecno camon c9. You are probably getting bored of it already. But please, let this pass.

I recently talked on one major flaw the HiOS packs and that’s the app freeze feature. Basically, this feature gives you the option to freeze apps and after choosing the freeze option, those apps won’t be found on the app drawer anymore. They will literately disappear from the phone.

tecno camon c9 app freeze feature

I recall also stating that I’d put up a solution as soon as I find my way around it. And, that’s exactly what am here to do.

Although someone posted a comment with a relative solution, he mentioned going through Google Play Store in other to restore the app.

However, I find that to be pretty tasky. What if you don’t remember the app names anymore? Well, I discovered a better solution last night and I’d like to share with you.

Unfreezing / Recovering apps on HiOS / Tecno camon C9

Unfreezing apps you initially freeze is now easy. 聽You can do so by simply following the steps below:

unfreeze / recover apps on HiOS

  • Tap on the App drawer and tap on Hi Manager
  • Under Hi Manager, scroll down and tap on App management
  • Under app management, tap on App Freeze,
  • Now, simply tap on the app you want to unfreeze and thereafter, tap on complete.
  • Go back to the app drawer, you should find the app already restored.

Really simple huh?

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