Finally, Twitter kinda loosen it’s 140 character tweet limit

Sometime in may, I shared a report stating twitter was working towards adjusting it’s 140 characters limit. Same limit the social media network has taken pride at since inception.

At long last, the adjustments have finally been made. However, with a twist.

twitter loosens 140 character tweet limit

According to the social network who shared the news via it’s official handle, photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quote tweets being added to tweets, will no longer count towards the 140 characters limit.


While that’s self explanatory, let me do the usual oversabi ?

Although, you still have the 140 characters limit, these characters will now only count towards texts and links. Adding quotes, polls, videos or images won’t add up to the number.

It’d be recalled that twitter once had plans of increasing the character limit up to 10,000. But, that had to be scrapped as most users were not comfortable with the idea. The notion gave birth to #twitter10k which was a trending hashtag for a while.

Meanwhile, the Verge reports the company is working towards giving more run for more characters without breaking a sweat.

The company is also testing out new replies that will omit the username of the person you are replying to from the character limit. If you reply to multiple people at once, Twitter only omits the person who sent the original tweet from the character count.

The new update has begin rolling out. Hence, you should be able to play and explore with the new adjustment.

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