WhatsApp introduces User Mention feature for group conversation

Who else has this feeling of WhatsApp constantly being worked upon to act like a lite version of it’s Parent company, Facebook?

I mean, most of it’s newly added features tend to replicate what Facebook already has on board. The most recent was the voicemail and miss call notification feature, and Facebook messenger app already has that on board for quite a some time.

And now, WhatsApp users can mention users in a group conversation via the mobile messaging app.

WhatsApp user mentions on group conversations

This can be likened to the mention feature which has been available on Facebook for a long time now. And interestingly, they both utilize the-same method.

Group participants can simply mention other group members by simply using the @ sign and thereafter, choosing the user’s name.

The user doesn’t necessarily need to be on your contact list. Simply typing @ automatically brings out some suggested users just as seen on Facebook.

This is particularly important if you want to only be notified of conversations where you were mentioned. As at now, there isn’t a way to disable notification when mentioned. However, disabling notifications from a group remains valid.

The feature is currently available on WhatsApp Beta v2.16.272 which can be downloaded here.

It’d be recalled that the mobile messaging app recently also increased the group member limit up to 256.

One interesting feature we’d be looking forward to having on WhatsApp will be video calls. And I can foresee that coming really soon.

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