A Nokia Lumia phone saved a man in Afghanistan by stopping a bullet

Nokia phones, especially the Nokia 3310, holds a record of being durable. Kinda reminds me of the good old days when phones were as strong as a rock.

Those days, if the phone hits the floor, you’d most likely be concerned about changing the case. And those days, changing a phone case is as easy as changing a baby’s diaper. These days……. well, you know what’s sup.

Although a man’s life in Afghanistan was saved by a Nokia phone, it wasn’t the 3310. Instead, it’s a Lumia phone.

nokia lumia saves a man by stopping bullet

Microsoft employee, Peter Skillman, shared the picture on twitter stating the incident. The picture clearly showed how the bullet got stuck in the middle of the phone’s body. Thus, demolishing the phone but keeping it’s user safe.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time a Nokia phone is saving a life. A Brazilian police officer, Lethally Wounding, got saved by a Lumia 520 which also stopped a bullet two years ago.

Now, that’s another reason why you should always have a Nokia phone in your pocket. Stay safe, get a Nokia phone ?.

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