Samsung permanently discontinues production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Note 7 in August. After launch, the device received a warm welcome and even had some really fascinating claims.

I honestly was looking forward to owing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The specs and all that the device had to offer, was something I was looking forward to experiencing. Except for the explosion of course.

In the midst of these awesomeness, came a disaster. The fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was reportedly exploding sent awareness to intending users. The device even earned the name ‘Explodegate‘.

production and sales of Samsung Galaxy note 7 has been discontinued

Samsung had received over 35 reports in terms of the device exploding before making a recall. The Korean company recalled over 2.5million units and thereafter, made provision for a replacement unit. These replacements were termed ‘safe‘ units.

While we felt the safe unit will send relieves to intending/pending users, that was short lived as a recent report clearly stated that a safe unit of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 suddenly went up in smokes on Southwest Airlines flight 944 from Louisville to Baltimore.

Samsung has however, deemed it fit to unplug the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by discontinuing production and sales of the device.

The decision comes immediately after the company issued a press release asking users to power down all original and replaced Galaxy Note 7 units. And for retailers and career partners to stop sales and exchanges of the smartphone.

In a statement yesterday, Samsung stated thus:

“We remain committed to working diligently with appropriate regulatory authorities to take all necessary steps to resolve the situation.”

The Korean company hasn’t however, disclosed how it plans to proceed with existing Note 7 devices that are out and how it tends to deal with customers who have pending orders.


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