Facebook Introduces Live Audio As A Voice Alternative To Facebook Live

Facebook Live has been in existence for quite some time now. Quite a handful of people have been able to utilize this feature thus far. The feature was rumored to making its way to desktop, we are still yet to see that come to limelight.

During usage of the Facebook Live feature, a major set back in a country like Nigeria, would be a stable internet connection. The Live feature requires a pretty stable internet connection to avoid issues.

However, I have seen a couple of live videos being scrambled at some point as a result of unstable internet connection.

Considering that and the reason to convey a live message without exactly including a video, Facebook has launched Live Audio.

Facebook live audio feature launched

The Live Audio as the name implies, is an audio alternative to the Facebook Live feature. Originally, the live feature on allows you record and show whatever you are recording to the rest of the world in real time.

The Live Audio on the other hand, simply allows you communicate whatever you want to say in real time with your friends or the public, without including a video. Think of it as a podcast.

	facebook live audio feature

If you want to tell a story with words and not video, the Live Audio is what you’d need. More so, this works just fine with even low internet connectivity.

Facebook also has another live product known as the Live 360. Basically, that should consume more data than the initial live feature. The Live 360 allows you record live videos in 360 degrees. If you’ve watched a 360 video before, you should have a better idea of how it works.

Back to the Facebook Live Audio feature. Android users can listen to a live audio broadcast even when they leave the Facebook app and lock their phone. IOS users on the other hand, will be able to listen to a live audio broadcast while browsing other parts of Facebook.

Although the feature is gradually being rolled over, it isn’t available in Nigeria yet. However, we can only hope it becomes available in the coming weeks.

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