In 2016, Nigeria Recorded 76,907 Active .ng Domains – NiRA

Once upon a time, I wanted to buy a .ng domain which of course, signifies a Nigerian website. However, the price took me by surprise.

A typical .com domain can be registered for around $10 to $15 dollars Annually. Converting that, it would cost around NGN3250 to NGN4875 to register a .com domain.

As at the last time i checked, a .ng domain cost around NGN15,000 Annually. However, that seem to have changed as a .ng can be gotten for NGN9500 now.

.ng internet domain prices

As a matter of fact, that’s perhaps, the cheapest you can get. Other registrars still lease at over NGN13,000 yearly.

.ng internet domain prices variation

Despite the price variation, Nigeria recorded 79,907 active .ng domains in 2016. Doubling what was recorded in 2014 (31,542) and 2015 (33,752).

In a statement By President of NiRA, Rev. Sunday Afolayan:

There is always a lull in Domain Name Registrations and Renewals at the Registry in the last month of the year.

“The increase in domain name registration is more noticeable when viewed across the different years. The domain names registered and renewed in December 2016 is more than the registrations in December 2015 and almost doubled the registration in November 2014.

NiRA is also is also responsible for the registry of internet domain names amongst others which are much less expensive compared to .ng domains.

NiRA domain name registrations

Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) hopes to further create more awareness for and .ng domain names by exploiting internationalized domain names (IDNs) in the three main Nigerian languages. Which are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba). Domain Name System (DNS) will also be introduced in the Nigerian educational curriculum.

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