Telegram Now Allows You Retract Sent Messages Within 48 Hours

WhatsApp has a major competitor and no, it isn’t BBM. Instead, WhatsApp’s major competitor is Telegram.

Telegram is hugely popular in some country but certainly not Nigeria. WhatsApp takes the crown here. But that isn’t the case, let’s talk about what’s new.

WhatsApp was recently rumored to bringing retract sent messages feature on board and thus far, that hasn’t come to limelight. But guess what, telegram has launched that feature on board. And no, it isn’t a rumor.

Telegram users can now unsend messages sent within 48 hours. Don’t let the unsend word deceive you. It’s same as retract.

telegram retract feature

Other than that, telegram has introduced a Network Usage section. Basically, this allows you keep an eye as to how much data was consumed based on various network modes.

While the iOS update adds the picture-in-picture out mode for the videos on instant view pages, the Android update carries along a host of changes to the app.

telegram network consumption modes

Other user interface tweaks have been introduced. Thus, bringing about easier navigation when toggling between chats, pictures and recently downloaded files.

	recently download files on telegram

Telegram now supports GBoard. GBoard is Google’s own keyboard app. Using GBoard, you can send cat GIFs, amongst others.

Android users running Android 7.1 now has a fast action menu with frequent chats on the home screen.

More emojis have also been introduced amongst other handful feature. The update is already live and can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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