WhatsApp Has Stopped Working On Some Android, iOS and Windows Devices

Sometime last year, WhatsApp announced it will stop working on some smartphones by December. That was however, extended to June, 2017.

Despite the change in date, the instant mobile messaging app has somehow, stopped working on some devices already. One can’t help but wonder why the developers are kinda in a rush.

Devices WhatsApp Has Currently Stopped Working On

Currently, WhatsApp has pulled the plug on these devices:

WhatsApp stopped working on some devices

  • Android phones running 2.2 Froyo and lower versions
  • iOS 6 and lower versions
  • Windows Phone 7

Basically, android phones still exploring Android 2.2 Froyo OS or lower, can no longer use WhatsApp. Same applies to iOS devices running iOS 6 or lower. Windows phone 7 users are also affected by the change.

According to WhatsApp, the reason for the sudden discontinuation is because the market share of the devices is very low. Precisely, 0.1 percent for Android froyo users and 2.6 percent for devices running iOS 6. This however, is quite understandable. Most android devices these days are either running Kitkat, Lollipop, or Marshmallow.

Blackberry users, not to worry, you still have till June 30th before your fate becomes decided. Of course, that includes Blackberry 10 users *Sad face*.

Nokia Symbian S60 and Nokia S40 operating system users still have up to June 30th to explore WhatsApp.

Considering the fact that Android smartphones are pretty affordable (at least, compared to iOS), an upgrade should really come in handy.

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