Don Jazzy In Collaboration With Flobyt, Provides Free Wi-Fi Service In Lagos, Nigeria

Nigerian Celebrities seem to be seeing the good in the tech ecosystem. Recall that Yemi Alade launched an app last year? Well, Don Jazzy in Collaboration with Flobyt, have provided free Wi-Fi Service in Lagos, Nigeria.

Just before you get too excited, Yes the service has been launched in Lagos, Nigeria, it isn’t available in every part of Lagos.

Flobyt is a free WiFi service installed across public places. These public places includes restaurants, parks, bars, hotels, Event centers etc.

In reference to bandwidth usage, the service can accommodate 10 – 30 users in low traffic places and up to 80 users in places with higher traffic.

flobyt WiFi service launched

In a statement by the co-foubder, Dele Odufuye:

“Flobyt is 100% free for the users and our partner locations, all you have to do is walk in and log in. In fact, our working slogan is ‘Don’t use your data, use ours.’

We know that this is not the first free WiFi proposition in Nigeria. However, we have state of the art technology, speed, security and speed to make it an enduring one.”

Is Flobyt Free Wi-Fi Service Truly Free?

I can guess you had that question at the back of your mind. Well, Facebook prides as being completely free but guess what? They make money off the users.

Same applies to Flobyt. The Wi-Fi usage is free to access and use but they will be making money off you. How? During the course of usage, ads will be presented. This in my opinion, is pretty normal and isn’t a bad idea.

More so, for the fact that the service is available in public places which includes restaurants and hotels, consumers could patronize the places more often for the sole purpose of getting access to free internet.

There is also an issue with security when it comes to free Wi-Fi Service. Thankfully, co-founder, Dele Odufuye, said Flobyte WiFi service is fully encrypted. Hence, there is no fear of data being hacked as a result of usage.

flobyt WiFi service launched in Lagos, Nigeria

That being said, let’s outline the locations where the service can be experienced. Hopefully, you’d give it a shot.

Flobyte Free Wi-Fi Service Location In Lagos, Nigeria

Flobyte is currently available in these locations:

  • Grace cakes, Ogba
  • RoadStar Burger, Lekki
  • White House, yaba
  • Bar enclave, illupeju
  • Amala Express, Lekki
  • Jazzement Salon, Lekki
  • Grace’s cakes, Ogba
  • Foodhouse, ikosi
  • Lounge 9a, Anthony
  • Massimo Bar, Ikeja

If perhaps, you were able to check in at any of these locations, please share your experience with the flobyt free WiFi service.

Please share, it doesn't hurt... :)

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