Google Launches #MyAndroid Taste Test To Help You Customize Your Phone Better

The reason why I’d rather prefer Android OS over others, is because of the ability to easily customize your Android phone to your taste.

You can download and use fonts, customize themes and others. If you’d want to go advanced, you can always play with custom ROMs as they sometimes, bring about new interesting features.

In a bid to making Android more interesting, Google has launched #MyAndroid Taste Test. It’s actually a web tool.

What the tool does is, it suggests a plethora of personalization options to the users. It also brings up a questionnaire to further understand your taste. Thus, bringing forth the most suitable home screen options for you.

#MyAndroid taste test web tool

The questions ain’t complex. It basically consist of design and tastes based questions. These questions as earlier mentioned, are in a bid to present the most suitable home screen options for your Android device.

Once the questions are completed, users are presented with three options. Each option includes a wallpaper, an icon pack, a launcher and widgets. The options could also include third party launchers like Nova.

The total duration for the quiz is just about 2-3 minutes. However, this could vary based on the time you take in answering each question.

Personally, using the web tool is fun. Especially if you are not sure of how else to customize your phone. The #MyAndroid Taste test tool should make your Android device more interesting to play with after being customized.

While the process is quite fascinating, please be aware that the result you get is just a sample. You won’t be able to download nor apply as wallpaper or home screen. Instead, you will be presented with download links to Wallpapers, icon packs and launcher apps. Not bad out of place if you ask me.

If you’d like to give the #MyAndroid Taste test web tool a spin, use this link.

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