Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Explodes and Burns 5 Year Old Girl’s Face and Hands

Just when we thought we’ve heard the last of Samsung phone and its explodgate situations, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 exploded and burnt a 5 year old girl’s face and hands.

Before now, there’s been series of news relating to Samsung phones exploding. Normally, when such news is being heard, fingers are pointed to the Galaxy Note 7. Quite true. The exploration seemed too much that the brand had to discontinue sales of the device.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Even the 3 years old Galaxy Note 4 is now being faced with same unfortunate incident.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Exploded In China and Caused Damage To 5 Year Old Girl

According to a Chinese Website (translated), the incident happened on the 10th of March, precisely around 4AM.

Based on the report, Feng Lingling, his wife and 5 year old daughter went to bed early on the 9th of March. The daughter slept on the right, Feng Lingling in the middle and the wife on the left.

The phone was placed on charge at the bedside table which was close to the daughter. Somewhere around 4AM on the 10th of March, Feng was awakened by a loud noise and cries from his daughter.

He realized the phone’s battery had exploded. Hence, causing damage to some part of the bed and the daughter’s face. Not only was her face damaged, her hands too were involved.

Samsung galaxy note 4 exploded

As at the time of sharing this report, the child is unable to speak neither is she able to eat anything. This was confirmed by the mother.

The shop from where Feng had purchased the phone, claimed to have reached Samsung for comment. A Samsung salesperson however, clarified that the company is aware of the event and will take action soon.

This isn’t the first time we will hear a phone exploded while being plugged to a power source. As a matter of fact, this isn’t peculiar to Samsung devices.

I recall hearing a similar report. In this case, the user plugged the phone and placed it under the pillow. Perhaps, as a result of overheating, the phone exploded and caused damage to the user.

Phone users are thereby advised to keep a reasonable distance from their phones when plugged to charge. Especially with the intention of leaving the phone to charge overnight while going to sleep.

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