WhatsApp Looks To Bring Back The Old Text Status Update Feature

WhatsApp a couple of days back, launched a new status feature. The new status feature was meant to make the app more engaging.

Users could share their daily activities via pictures, GIFs and videos. Unfortunately, no text option. Hence, users would have to make do with inserting whatever text in the image which is quite easy from the use of the app. More so, stickers and drawings can be added to these images.

While this made sense, a lot of users seem to feel very uncomfortable with the new update. Especially with the removal of the old status feature. I personally, still preferred the Old status feature to the new. Well, maybe I wanted both.

WhatsApp seem to be aware of this. Hence, they are returning the old status feature. Currently, the feature is currently in beta. However, we should expect it’d be out to the public in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp old text status update feature

If however, you’d like to get on the train before it becomes publicly available, you can join the WhatsApp beta community on Google Play Store.

Having to update your status from the beta version, doesn’t seem different from what it used to be. I guess, same old process applies.

Simply go to settings > about > and you’d find the status option. The preset status messages still remain valid. I am making reference to Available, at work, busy, At the movies etc.

Thankfully, WhatsApp will still retain the new status feature. Hence, you are left with more option. You can choose to update text via the default status feature, or go a bit further with the new one.

Remember, the new status feature keeps updates for a maximum of 24 hours. Thereafter, you can choose to update again or leave it empty. The choice is totally yours. Makes sense huh?

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