NTel Increases Data Rates, Monthly Unlimited Plan Now 12,500

Ntel since inception, has proven to be worth the money. Unlike Smile which doesn’t seem to be active in my location, nTel works pretty well.

During the first few months of getting on the network, the service was amazing. I could watch Netflix videos without being interrupted by the network service. I was more than impressed that I even had to put up a review of the service without being asked to.

A few months after, the network service went down slope. Watching videos even on Facebook became a pain in the butt. The only time I could conveniently watch videos on Facebook was during the night time. Same applied to downloading files. Speaking with one of their reps, he mentioned there ‘was’ a 3GB daily threshold. Once the 3GB threshold is reached in a day, the download speed will be automatically reduced. That wasn’t convincing though. I mean, considering the fact that i do not often consume up to 3GB daily.

The network service seem to be better now though. Although not up to pal as it was when i first got on the service, it’s still better than it was a few months back.

ntel increases data rates

Enough of the preamble. NTel has done what I didn’t expect to happen so soon. The ISP has increased its data rates.

NTel’s New Unlimited Data Rates

Although the Internet Service provider recently introduced new data plans, we are still very much accustomed to just three. BTW, the ISP celebrated it’s one year anniversary a few days back.

New nTel data plans and rates

The 2 days plan, weekly and monthly. The 2 days plan has been increased from NGN1000 to NGN1500. The weekly has been increased from NGN3000 to N3,750 while the monthly has been increased from NGN10,000 to NGN12,500.

Will I still continue with the monthly plan? Despite the additionally NGN2,500, I will still rather continue with the nTel unlimited monthly plan. Not like I have any option.

Smile’s recently launched monthly unlimited plan would have been a substitute but since inception, there’s been no service here at my location. Same for Spectranet. Thanks but no thanks, nTel.

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