How To Set Up A Custom Domain Bought On Godaddy To Blogger / Blogspot Blog 

It’s been a while since I wrote any tutorial relating to Blogging. Well, here’s another. Here, I’d be sharing a step by step guide on how to set Up a custom domain bought on Godaddy to a blogger blog.

Connect blogger blog to godaddy domain

Hence, if you own a blogger / blogspot blog and you recently bought a domain on godaddy but do not know how to connect the custom domain to your blog, this article will guide you through.

Requirements For Contacting a Godaddy Custom Domain To A Blogger Blog

Basically, you’d need to have the following in place before proceeding with this tutorial. This is necessary to avoid any additional delay or difficulty.

  • An already bought custom domain on godaddy
  • Your Blogger account Username and Password
  • Your Godaddy account username and password
  • A computer
  • A Stable internet connection

Already have all of those in place? Let’s begin!

Setting Up A Custom Domain On Godaddy To A Blogger Blog

First things first, you want to log into both your blogger account and your godaddy account. I’d recommend using different tabs for this.

On the Godaddy account tab, place your cursor to your account name and click on Manage My Domains.

Manage my domains option under godaddy account

Under My Domains option, click on the gear icon close to the domain you’d like to use for your blogger blog and click on Manage DNS

Manage DNS for domain under Godaddy

Look Under Records, click on the Add option

Add record to Godaddy domain

Under Type, Select CNAME.

select CNAME in godaddy domain record

Now, navigate to your Blogger account tab.

Select the blog you’d like to connect your custom domain to.

Click on Settings. Under publishing, look at the blog address box and click on +Setup a 3rd Party URL for your blog.

Edit publishing settings on blogger blog

Under Blog Address, input the custom domain URL. For example, and not

Under the Name, Label, or host field, copy out the second text.

Go back to the Godaddy tab and input that in the host box.

Return back to the blogger tab. Under the destination, target or points field, copy out the second text.

CNAME records available on blogger domain blog


Now, return back to the Godaddy tab and fix that in the point to box.

Click on save. You’d find it added to your domain records.

CNAME added to domain record

Now, return back to the blogger blog tab and click on Save. You should get a notification saying successfully saved.

Try accessing your custom domain or your blog’s default domain and it’d show up a redirection notification or automatically redirect to your new domain. Cool huh?

That’s it. You have successfully set up and configured your custom domain on godaddy to work with your blogger blog. Feel free to ask any questions if any.

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