At long last, Videos calls is finally arriving on WhatsApp. Video calls on the mobile messaging app, is something most users have been looking forward to and finally, it is here. Sort of.

WhatsApp introduced voice calls sometime last year and that received a warm welcome. Video calls is finally here and I expect to see the same courtesy.

It’d however, be recalled that we talked on the feature coming on board a couple of months back.

Currently, WhatsApp Video calling is on beta. And NO, you don’t need to be signed up to whatever before being able to test out the new feature. The feature is however, only currently available to Android users.

How To Activate WhatsApp Video Calls Now

As earlier stated, the feature is currently on beta and currently only available to Android users.

Activating is pretty simple and straight forward. Simply download the beta version of WhatsApp Here. And thereafter, you should be able to see the video icon.

Whatsapp video calls on android

Just as seen when WhatsApp Voice calls was newly introduced, both users would need to be running the app version supporting video calls before being able to initiate a video call on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp video calls not sent

If the recipient you are trying to call isn’t running the beta version that support video calls, you’d be faced with same error as seen in the image above. Additionally, there is an option to record and send a video message if the recipient isn’t available but running the latest beta version.

As earlier mentioned, this is still currently in beta. It should be available on play store in the coming weeks. And hopefully, iOS users should be able to get on the train by then.


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