Over the past few days, there’s been one major news which has been making the rounds and has been trending on Twitter and that’s the news on the 14 year old teen who was wrongly accused of bringing a bomb to school.

Ahmed Mohamed

Texas high-school student, Ahmed Mohamed, had formed a digital clock out of a pencil case in regards to a project he thought we would be praised for by his teachers. Instead, he was faced with racism and prejudice because his teacher mistook his invention for a bomb (basically because he was Muslim).

the clock mistaken for a bomb

The case was taken to the principal’s desk and the principal agreed the teacher could be correct and before you could say zapp, Ahmed was been escorted out of the school in handcuffs.

The cops asked the teen to explain what it was that he brought to school, he kept saying it was a clock but the police wouldn’t believe him and instead, they charged him for bringing a fake bomb to school. After much interrogations from the police without a lawyer standing in for the teen, the charges were eventually dropped.

The news made the rounds and most prominent citizens in the country were aware of the situation. Ahmed’s life has transformed since then as he has constantly been receiving recommendations from prominent people including the president of the United States.

The tech society isn’t left out as most sort out tech brands like Google has also acknowledged Ahmed and his invention. Facebook CEO, Mark, acknowledged the kid via his status on Facebook adding that the teen is free to come around Facebook as the team would love to meet with him.

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, also decided to appluade Ahmed by sending him a Surface Pro 3, a Microsoft Band, accompanied by some other goodies that has sure put a small on the 14 year old’s face.

Ahmed receives surface pro 3 from Microsoft

This is really a huge one for Ahmed and we wholeheartedly say congratulations to him. Keep bring you pal.

Source: Microsoft News


  1. That was very poor of the school and even the police for not being able to recognise a bomb.
    Very good things have happened to this boy because of their follishness so it was meant to happen to mive the boy forward

  2. totally unrelated question here tho. can’t I flash d new lollipop rom on my hot pro using the recovery method after creating cwm?


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