Android Users, beware of this Auto-Root app otherwise, it destroys your phone

I have often mentioned that you shouldn’t root your android phone except you actually know why you are doing so. As awkward as it may sound, most android phone users do not know why they are rooting their phone. The only reason they decided to root the phone is because they heard someone rooted theirs or they stumbled on the tutorial online and decided to give it a shot.

Couple of weeks back, I talked on something related and pointed out that someone couldn’t update his android phone simply because he rooted the phone and as funny as it may sound, he didn’t know he rooted it. He didn’t even know what rooting means.

Still related to rooting, a new virus caused by an app called ‘Auto-Root‘ is affecting most android phones.

Auto-rooting app virus on android phones
According to research, Auto-rooting adware is a worrying development in the android ecosystem in which malware roots the device automatically after the user installs it, embeds itself as a system application and becomes almost impossible to remove.

To make matters worse, once the virus has been installed, it is nearly impossible to uninstall or remove. Since the virus tend to install apps like it was system applications, rooting the phone won’t fix it. Reports so far has it that phones that are infected, tend to display ads every now and then. It sorta makes the phone a nightmare. Even doing a factory reset on the phone won’t fix it.

If you must root your smartphone, make sure you follow tutorials that’s got screenshots to back up the claims. Here on TechsNG blog, we barely share tutorials on rooting a smartphone if we haven’t tried it out and that’s why you see a few rooting tutorials on here. Before you install applications, make sure you trust them. It’s even much safer to download apps from play store than through random sites found on the internet.


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