For BBM users, especially those on blackberry 10, iOS and Android phones, I am sure you are aware of the ads been seen on your feeds page.  Don’t they seem annoying?

BBM messenger beta update with no ads option

Well, a Beta update for BBM has been rolled out and it comes with new features with options that allows you block ads been displayed on feed for a monthly subscription rate alongside others.

New Features On BBM for Blackberry 10 and iOS Users

Some of the features that comes packed with the beta update includes;

  • Vanity Pics : With this feature,  you can create a custom pin of your choice for your BBM app which makes sharing your BBM pin much easier as you can easily remember then.
  • Remove Ads : BBM isn’t been so fun as it used to be ever since ads now interface with what we do on the messaging app. With the new beta update, you can choose to hide sponsored ads and sponsored invites in BBM with subscription plan.
  • Avatar Badge : The newly updated BBM Beta now allows you show off your special BBM status with a badge. This badge not only show on status,  it also appears on display pictures but this also comes on subscription.
  • Share Pictures On Group Chats : With the new update, you can now share multiple pictures in BBM group Chats.

Payment & Subscription Cost

The update is currently live in the blackberry beta zone.  Since it’s still in beta, not everyone is allowed to use it until it is finally made official. Date to which it would be made official hasn’t been confirmed.

Talking about payment plans, The custom pin options shows it will cost $1.99 per month while the option to remove ads will be $0.99 per month. Whether or not these prices will be final (we’d hope it isn’t), hasn’t been made known.

Subscriptions can be purchased using available payment methods in the BBM shop. Since subscription is said to be available on monthly scale, it requires ongoing payment to continue the subscription.

Do you think this is a good move by blackberry? Personally, I don’t think so.


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