Blackberry seems to be doing a lot of OS updates for blackberry 10 phones and that feels pretty good. Couple of weeks back, A new Blackberry 10.3.1 OS was officially rolled out on blackberry 10 phones. Although the update brought a whole new look and feel to blackberry 10 Devices, it however, came with bugs which vary based on bb10 devices.

blackberry OS 10.3.1 update

Now,  another minor update is currently rolling out and it’s the OS version

blackberry OS Update

On my blackberry 10 phone, the update size is just about 128MB but this might vary based on the kinda blackberry 10 phone you use.

As at when posting this, we are not quite sure what specifically, the update fixes or introduces but we are quite sure it’s intended to fix the bugs that came with the OS 10.3.1.

Please remember that you may have to connect to a WiFi network in other for the update to fully commence as your mobile network might not work. You can however, choose to use the blackberry link software in updating your phone’s OS.

Have you updated your blackberry 10 OS to this latest version? If yes, please share with us your thoughts and the specific device you use via the comment form.


  1. hi , i have blackberry z3 but it not update becouse its requerd 512 mb free memory but stil i have delete all soft were but some problom there plese help me

  2. My bbz3 mobile software version but updating version is 10.3.1779 is not complete updating because memory 350mb is not obtained. What cause is?

  3. Wifi, bluetooth, and hotspot stopped working, saved information and data wipes when phone is switched off. All started after the update… any possible solution? Thanks

  4. Hi, I got the 10.3.1 update notification on my z10 and i started the download ,the download itself took one full day and when it was restarting , it got stuck on the boot screen for more than 26 hours…Please help!

    • Deepankar, Press and hold the two volume buttons until the phone restarts and see if that fixes it.

  5. One major problem that annoys me to the bone is that my phone zooms in anytime I wake or unlock my screen. So I basically have to zoom out at every instance. My phone has also become an oven especially when am on a 3G network. Finally my keyboard is now so insensitive. At times I feel like am using a physical keyboard. Please what can be done to fix it Am using a Z10. Thank you.

    • I face EXACTLY the same issues you have described since I updated yesterday. Did you manage to find a solution yet or we need to live with these problesm!

    • I face EXACTLY the same issues you have described since I updated yesterday. Did you manage to find a solution yet or we need to live with these problems!

    • Are you sure that’s not an issue from your ISP? Because i have upgraded to the OS and i am having no issues with the OS so far.

  6. I have the blackberry q10, when I updated it, it screwed everything up! My texts aren’t working… they won’t let me send.

  7. I have a Q5 and for some reason although I have updated to the latest version my wifi still keeps dropping can anyone give some sugestions

  8. i did the update today only on my z10 and it was 55 MB update file and took long time considering the update version showing is
    It looks like a minor bug fix update ,however i found a new icon or s/w installed after applying this update and that was “BBM Meeting”,dont know what is for and will be going through manual for this.

    Phone is working fine still though after restart..!!

  9. I m having a BlackBerry z3..since the os 10.3.1 update the device is not receiving any files through bluetooth…it sends files but does not receive them..tell me some kind of solution for this issue

    • i too had this problem and let me tell you what i did to resolve this.
      just erase and format your memory card through your blackberry device and its you will be able to receive through bluetooth

  10. I m having a BlackBerry z3..since d os 10.3.1 update..d device is not receiving any files through sends files but does not receive them

  11. I have the bbZ10. Yes, so far for me it looks like this update has fixed the Calendar bug of not receiving any notifications, and I got a phone call and as soon as I put it to my ear it had connected! So much better than the 5-second delay of the last upgrade. So glad they fixed issues!

  12. hey big Sam. u have been a great help to many folks here. I need ur help on sth. pls I just got a new iPhone 4s from d states on at &t network. but right now it doesn’t work wit any of my naija sims. it tells me activation required. how do I activate d sim? and wch naija network is best? thanks anticipating ur reply.

    • You will need to unlock the phone because apparently, it is locked to a particular network. You may have to take it to a mobile engineer to help you fix it.


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