Blackberry’s Future Is Really Android Says Blackberry Senior Director

Blackberry, over the past few years, has had it’s ups and downs. While the company’s BB10 OS has been helping in some specific ways, PRIV broke the doors to the Android ecosystem for Blackberry.

Earlier before now, the company had tried adopting android apps on the BB10 platform which didn’t actually make much difference as expected. The Blackberry Priv, Blackberry’s first android smartphone, gave the brand an upliftment in terms of revenue report and BlackBerry is choosing to stick with android going forward.

Blackberry Platform

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, earlier this month, mentioned that Blackberry 10.3 OS would be receiving security and privacy enhancements in 2016. No BB10 hardware will likely be introduced this year.

John Chen also said that another blackberry device running android OS will be launched this year being 2016 and if previous leak is anything to go by, we might just be looking forward to the Vienna.

“The Priv device is essentially our transition to Android ecosystem. As we secure Android, over a period of time, we would not have two platforms, and may have only Android as a platform [for smartphones]. But for now, we have BB10 and Android platforms for our smartphones…The future is really Android. We went for Android essentially for its app ecosystem. In addition, all the enterprise solutions that we have been doing have been cross-platform for a long time now. So it’s a natural progression towards Android”-Damian Tay, senior director of APAC product management, BlackBerry.

Blackberry OS 10.3.3 will be rolled over in the next couple of months and according to John Chen, the update will make the OS more secure for business and government use. The soon-to-be released 10.3.3 update will allow BB10 to be NIAP certified meaning the platform will pass the strictest government-grade security years. BB OS 10.3.4 will also be rolled over this year with even more security updates. So basically, BB10 users should be expecting more of OS updates this year.


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