Bluetooth Smartwatch GT08 For iPhone, Android and Blackberry Review

For some time now, we have often talked on smart watches here on TechsNG and thankfully, we have one for review.

It’s been like 2 weeks since we have been using the GT08 smartwatch and although the experience hasn’t been like what we’d expect from Huawei, Moto and the rest, the experience has been pretty okay.

GT08 Bluetooth Smartwatch Introduction

The GT08 is one out of those numerous smartwatches available for purchase lesser than N10000 and does pretty basically, what a smart watch is capable of.

Based on my experience so far and as a tech enthusiasts, I am pretty not sure I can ever again spend a dime in purchasing a regular wristwatch. I’d rather go for a smartwatch instead. After all, it tells time, date, could look more stylish and yes, more classy.

If you are looking at getting a smartwatch lesser than N10,000, the GT08 pretty much does justice to that. However, if you are looking for something more stylish and still cost less than N15000, the Zeblaze Crystal聽could come in handy. The K8 3G smartwatch with capabilities of a phone isn’t a bad idea as well. If you feel like a boss and would want something bossy, android wear smartwatches from big brands like Huawei, Moto, Asus and the rest could rock your boat.

Unboxing The GTO8 Smartwatch

Although I received the package from a post office nearby and owing to the fact that they usually wrap packages in their own efizy, the main pack of the smartwatch is pretty okay. I mean, it looks pretty simple.

GT08 Smartwatch unboxing
As a matter of fact, nothing’s written on it other than a clock symbol placed on top of the pack which clearly proves its a watch in it.

Unboxing the pack, the first thing that shows up in your face is the Smartwatch device. Other things available in the pack includes;

GT08 Smartwatch unboxed

  • A USB cable
  • User Guide
  • Screen protector

…and that’s pretty much everything contained in the box.

GT08 Design

The GT08 Smartwatch design looks pretty nice. It has some semblence with the Apple watch design. As a matter of fact, at first look, you’d mistake it for an Apple smartwatch (iWatch).

[mks_progressbar name=”GT08 Smartwatch Design” level=”Good” value=”60″ height=”20″ color=”#1f3668″ style=”squared”]

GT08 smartwatch device
Positioned on the left side or the right side (depending from what angle you are viewing the smartwatch) of the device is the power button. Although the power button is rollable, that didn’t seem to have any function.

On the other side is the mouth-piece, charging port covered using a steel placement and the loud speaker. The wrist belts are not actually the buckle type. Instead, they are the pin in type and yes, i prefer the pin in type.


The interface of the device isn’t really of high quality. I mean, compared to what we’d usually get in this current era, the pixels ain’t so nice looking.

[mks_progressbar name=”GT08 Smartwatch Interface” level=”Average” value=”50″ height=”20″ color=”#4a82e2″ style=”squared”]

It can best be compared to the China phones interface of 2011. If you remember China phones produced in that year, then you pretty much have an idea to what I am talking about.

Connectivity and Performance

Interestingly, the smartwatch comes with Sim card functionality as well as MicroSD card usage.

During the whole time we’ve been using the device, we didn’t experience any lagging neither did we experience any heating temperature. Operation has actually been fluid.

[mks_progressbar name=”GT08 Smartwatch Connectivity” level=”Below Average” value=”40″ height=”20″ color=”#dd5858″ style=”squared”]

In terms of connectivity, browsing isn’t impressive. Not even close. The device still possesses the kinda browsing experience you get on oldddddddd China phone. Well, point is, it actually opens web pages even though rendering is bad considering the era we are in now.

The device doesn’t have a WiFi connectivity feature. Hence, a Sim card inserted in it is required in performing connectivity functions except for Bluetooth.

Although the manufacturer specifically stated on the sales page that the device works on iPhones and higher android phones, it works with pretty much every android phone running KitKat OS upwards. It also works on Blackberry 10 devices.

When connected via Bluetooth to a phone, we could make and receive calls from the smartwatch, play songs available on the phone via the smartwatch, check call logs available on the phone via the smartwatch, check phone contacts via the smartwatch and that’s pretty much it.

When SIM card is inserted in the Smartwatch, you could do much. Make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, surf the internet stocked on GPRS network (as slow as ….). Although the Google chrome app seem available on the smartwatch, it’s always stating ‘currently not available’. Guess it’s just placed there for fancy purpose.


The battery capacity on the GT08 is just about 350 mAh. Compared to battery capacities we have often seen on mobile phones, 350 mAh is very low right? That goes to prove that you shouldn’t expect same battery capacity on both devices because they do not run on same processor.

[mks_progressbar name=”GT08 Smartwatch Battery” level=”Impressive” value=”75″ height=”20″ color=”#81d742″ style=”squared”]

Interestingly, the GT08 smartwatch lasts about 2 days using just bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone. When using a SIM card on the smartwatch, it was able to go through the whole day conveniently even under intensive use. By intensive use, we mean using it for it’s basic functions. No much music plays. No gaming because the watch doesn’t have those. You honestly shouldn’t expect that in a smartwatch in the first place.


[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#2d3456″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]GT08 Smartwatch Gets a rating of 4/10[/mks_pullquote]For a starter, the GT08 smartwatch isn’t really so bad. I mean, it works well for a basic user who just needs a basic smartwatch for it’s basic functions. However, if you need something more sleek not just in design but in terms of interface and functionality, this smartwatch might not be what you really need.

We might even be giving away the smartwatch as a giveaway on this blog to a reader who might be interested. If you think that’s a welcome idea, please be sure to let us know via the comment session.

Interested in buying the GT08 smartwatch for your android or iOS device? Below is the best deal from amazon.


  1. The manufacturers need to improve the next Smart watches in these areas:
    The interface of the device
    Connectivity and Performance
    Battery….Am sure Apple are the leading brands when it comes to producing Smartwatches.

  2. Yes @Phillip..I think apple still has the upper hand in the production of smart watches.. Comparing apple with odas, awl fancy getting an apple smart watch.. But apple smartwatches are expensive

    • Faithful, Apple watch can only be used with Apple products. At least, so far. I personally wouldn’t want to be stock with a smartwatch that can’t relate with other platforms.

    • If javascript is enabled on your browser, you’d see that the share buttons and like buttons are counting when clicked upon and shared.

  3. Am very interested in having the bluetooth smartwatch GT08. After reading the review, all i can say is that i hope to get one very soon.

  4. The bluetooth smartwatch GT08 for iphone, Android and Blackberry is a perfect join of technology and artistic design. The user of this smartwatch would surely experience a magnificient user feel. It is a smartwatch that is affordable for all to use. I think i would love if i can get the bluetooth smartwatch GT08 for Iphone, Android and Blackberry.

  5. GT08 SmartWatch is a mid-range SmartWatch. The specifications and performance isn’t the great but it’s affordability gives it an edge over An ordinary wrist watch. Since it’s just an entry-level, then it’s okay. Nice One.

  6. I enjoyed your review on the smart watch as I was thinking about purchasing be From a bidding website for $36.00. After, reading your article I’m convinced… that this item would not be worth the purchase.

    Continue to keep up the great work! ?
    And we love you for sharing your reviews with us!

  7. Hello my name is Jozy and I just received this watch today and I’ve been playing around with it but all I can get is calling and I cannot figure out how to text on here I have a iPhone 5s could you please help

  8. Hey i bought a gt08 yesterday and im pissed off because i need to download bt notifier on my ios and it is not available on app store?How could i possibly used it..and one more thing there is no free sim card inside the box so i need to buy some ,but im not pretty sure if it is okay to use a loaded sim or just sim card.

  9. How about a roaming sim?and local sim can it be used too??im sorry for being ignorant on this thing hahahhaha ..but thanx anyway sam..

  10. Hi I have just got an gt08 smart watch, I have connected it to my I phone but can’t get msg on it as it says I need to install bt notifier but this is in Japanese, do you know of any way to help me sort this out? Thanks

  11. Hi there,’
    I just received this watch but the only thing I can do is to make and receive phone calls via Bluetooth. I can not receive text or notification on it. I download the ” BT notification and smart watch app” in my phone but there’s no connection between the phone app with the watch. Can you help please

  12. i bought this 3 days ago,i tought it can play video but its cannot even thought the file format is AVI..any1 can help?

  13. Hi. Can you help me. I have this clock about two days, but the menu haven’t all options and I can’t make that work the notifications, only can use this to call and revicie voice. maybe be the firmware? I pic of my phone

  14. I’m considering getting one of these, can you read and send text messages without the SIM card in the watch, Just using Bluetooth? And also is it waterproof or water resistant?

  15. I got this watch and was able to pair it to my iphone 6 over bluetooth. I can see call history and make calls. I am confused tho because I have icons for Facebook and Whatsapp and Chrome browser, but when I try to use any of these functions, it says “Insert SIM”… shouldn’t my phone’s data plan work if paired to bluetooth? Or might these be “fancy” non-working buttons?

    • No, Joshua. Your phone’s data plan can’t be paired with the device over bluetooth connection. Hence, you need a SIM with active internet plan in other to access internet connectivity on the smartwatch.

    • You need a memory card as well so it can install the app data on there but don’t waste your time these icons still don’t work, there just empty Web pages.

  16. I was going to get this tomorrow but basically I’m learning that it will not do anything else other then phone calls UNLESS you have a SIM card !!????


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