Common Unknown Reasons To Why Google Bans Publishers Adsense Account

Are you a google adsense publisher and you wake up a certain morning to realise that your adsense account has been banned? Well, you really don’t have to blame google all you need do is to check yourself if you have gone against any google adsense TOS.

Wondering what is Google Adsense TOS? Google adsense TOS full meaned to be google adsense terms of service are certain rules and regulation governing the google adsense policies and if google realises that a an adsense publishers violate these rules it could lead to a ban from the google adsense service.

Some days backed i talked on sure secrets to getting a google adsense account approval and when this is achieved it is essential not to violate their rules to avoid been banned because it could be difficult to get back to the program.

google adsense account banned

Unknown Reasons That Could Lead To A Google Adsense Account Banned

Take Note of the following:

Self Clicking: Avoid clicking on your ads this is against google adsense tos.

Invalid Clicks: Google has a way to monitoring invalid clicks and this could lead to an adsense account been banned.

Using Too Many System In Accessing Your Adsense Account: For instance you used computer A in accessing your google adsense account and then move to Computer B, and another internet users used computer A and inventually accessed your blog adsense where your ads is placed and then clicked on the ads that seemed interesting, google will see it as self clicking that is, you been the google adsense publisher clicked on its ads and could lead to a banned adsense account so its advisable you use a personal computer in accessing your adsense account.

Avoid Traffic Schemes: Traffic from bots are threats to google adsense account.

Follow Google Adsense Policies: Prevention they say is certainly better than cure, keeping up to date with google adsense policies and terms of service could help you in maintaining your adsense account.

You can get more information at the google adsense support page


Hope this piece of information helps?

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