Doogee Announces The T6 Phone with 6250 mAh battery

While most brands are still stucked in producing phone running on 3000mAh+ battery, some brands like Doogee are busy with 6000 mAh+.

Doogee isn’t actually the first to announce a smartphone with above 6000mAh battery. Couple of days back, we talked on the Oukitel K6000 which will be launching with a 6000mAh battery capacity.

Couple of months back, we talked on the Gionee M5 launching with a 6000mAh battery as well. Sometime last month, the rumor on the Doogee T6 had it that the device will launch with a 6000 mAh battery but interestingly, the manufacturer has decided to step up the game a little by adding some capacity to the battery thus making it 6250mAh and yes, the phone is now official.

Doogee T6 phone with 6250mAH battery
The Doogee T6 battery is said to last up to 101 hours of use under a single charge although it is not quite clear what doogee meant by ‘use’. Talking about the thickness of the phone, the device is said to be around 9.9mm thick. Not only will the device be equipped with fast charging ability, it can be used in charging other devices via it’s reverse charging feature.

Not more details in regards specs has been announced yet, however, we are guessing the device will likely run on a MediaTek processor with 2GB RAM. 16GB of non-expandable storage and the camera may just be 8MP back and 2MP front.

If the speculated specs stated above is anything to go by, then it wouldn’t be out of place to say that the Doogee T6 is certainly a budget smartphone phone and should be lower than $200 in terms of pricing when it is officially launched next month.



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