How To Download Music, Videos, Pictures On Blackberry 10 Phones (Q5, Q10, Z10, Z3, Z30)

First and foremost, let me clarify that this post is entirely for those who are new to using a blackberry 10 phone. Old users who are also interested in knowing how to download music files, videos, images can also option in.

Following one of my post where I wrote on GLO BIS been the best data plan for the blackberry 10 phones like Q5, Q10, Z10, Z3, Z30 and the yet to be released Classic (Q20), some persons have been asking how they could download files online to their phones and that’s entirely why I decided to put up this post.

Now, if you’ve been using Blackberry OS 7 downwards, Java or symbian phones, the download process for music files or videos are very different. But if you have used an android phone before in downloading music online, knowing how to download on a BB10 device shouldn’t be a biggy as the process are same.

download music, video and image files on blackberry 10 phone
Downloading Music Files, Videos, Images To Blackberry 10 Phones

Without wasting much of our time, the process is very simple and we should just get down to it.

Please Note: This process isn’t required in all sites. Some sites allow a direct download to your blackberry 10 phone while some require you undergoing the process we are going to be stating below:

==> If you are trying to download a music file or a video file online and instead of downloading automatically, it opens a window and plays it directly, simply navigate back to the download page, Press and hold on the download button. This will bring up some menu options. Simply tap on Save linked file and the download should commence in a bit.

==> In the case of Images, Please Press and Hold on the image to display some meuns(options), simply tap Save Image and the image download should commence.

Its as simple as that!

This method is applicable to android phones and tablet when trying to download most files from most sites and it’s also applicable to Blackberry Playbook device.


  1. Hi.
    Thank you very much for this info.i have had this BlackBerry z3 for over a year,couldnt download on plawap.even updated software thinking that we the problem.
    I followed your advice, it works.

    Thank you.

  2. Dude! You’re awesome. I also play around with devices cos tis kinda cool but this one just beat me to it. Thanks for the tip. Went to other sites and they were just using technical jargons and t’was a bore. Thanks once again.

  3. Boss Thnx a lot…. please I don’t knw if u can help mei retrieve my bbm channel back…it suddenly disappeared from my BBM

  4. Thanks for sharing this piece of info. However, I use a BlackBerry Q5 and it didn’t work, do you know how I can download videos from FB please?

  5. Helo
    I tried severally 2 download movies on my Z30 wt d tips u gv bt nevr wukd! I wld want ur help on how 2 download movies like empire thru d net 2 my fone, tnks.

  6. No matter what I do I cannot save a picture from the web on my BlackBerry Classic #10. None of the mentioned menus come up. ;(

    • Joyce, perhaps you are not getting the steps right. Please go through the steps again and carefully this time. Trust me, it works.

  7. Auto update to yesterday appears to have solved my issue with web photos and images.   I now get a menu after holding on the image for 10 to 15 seconds.   Still having issue with FB images when running on Web. Thanks for you patience with me and my phone.

  8. Pls,help as I can’t download from the usual site I used download from when I was using a curve7,i was downloading from sites like and even from facebook.i have tried the posted technique but it only work for some site and not all.try liveleak and let’s know,God bless you.

  9. Pls mine is this,I was on os and I updated to and some apps are missing especially my Video,Music,Picture.Pls how do I get it back cos I needed it badly.4rm Ibiteme F.

  10. Hello Sam!
    I’m using a BlackBerry Q5. I just can’t download with it. The download page doesn’t come up and in some cases, it only plays but never provide a save icon. It’s so fustrating. Please help me..


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