Here’s How To Download and Use Android M Launcher On Your Android Phone

While we are still waiting for Android 5.0 lollipop operating system to circulate among latest android devices in the mobile world, android M has been in the news and soon to be released.

The Android M operating system as usual, is expected to fix bug issues, improve performance of the Android OS and perhaps, introduce new features to the Android operating system.

Android M operating system
As at now, there’s no clear name as to what the M stands for like we have seen Jellybean, kitkat and lollipop. If you have an idea of what the name would be, we’d like to hear from you using the comment form.

download android m launcher

You can actually download and use the Android M Launcher On Your Android phone. That should give you a test of the new OS pending when it is finally launched.

Steps To Have Android M on Your Android Phone

==> First, download Google now Launcher here and Velvet Google app here,

==> Choose to install both apps and do make sure they are both successfully installed.

==> Go to settings > apps > Look out for the Google Now Launcher and tap on it.  Choose to Clear Cache and do same for the Velvet Google app.

==> Now, depending on the kinda android phone you use, you can press the home button and enjoy the Android M Launcher right away or you may have to activate it under settings > home.

Enjoy and feel the Android M operating system on your Android phone pending when it is going to be officially rolled out.


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