For some time now, I have been paying more attention to my innjoo note android phone and I’ve been experimenting on new things.

Few days back, I gave a detailed step-by-step guide on how to change IMEI on the innjoo note to a blackberry IMEI and earlier today, I successfully rooted the android phone and have come to share with you, the simplest means on how you can root Innjoo Note.

I am still experimenting on new things I can achieve on the innjoo note android phone and I will try writing on those new things that I feel my readers would be interested in. For now, here’s how to root the innjoo Note using KingRoot APK Application.

How To Root Innjoo Note Using KingRoot APK Application

There are loads of android rooting softwares you can use in rooting the innjoo note android phone but I choose to use KingRoot because it’s an android APK application and does not need a computer before the rooting process can be done. However, you need an internet enabled android phone.

Steps To Rooting Android Phone Using KingRoot APK App

==> First and foremost, Download Kingroot app here using the android phone you want to root.

==> Choose to install the app. You would probably get a warning during the installation process. Just ignore and choose to continue.

==> After successful installation, launch the app, Launch and wait for the app to diagnose the device completely. Writings are in Chinese but don’t be scared, just take note of the keywords.

==> After diagnosing is complete, Tap On the Round Green cycle that says ‘ROOT‘. Wait for some minutes and please make sure you are connected to an active and fast data plan connection.

rooting innjoo note android phone using kingroot

==> After some few minutes, you should get the check mark in the green circle stating Root and a blue line below with some Chinese writings. That means the device has been successfully rooted.

innjoo note rooted using kingroot app

Just tap on the blue lining and you’d realize KingUser app has been installed automatically.

How Do I Verify If The Android Phone Has Been Fully Rooted?

If the kingroot app been automatically installed and the Kinguser app being displayed your menu doesn’t seem too convincing for you, you can Download and Install Root Check App from Google Play Store.

You’d be requested to grant access. Choose to authorize and you should get a notification clearly stating ROOTED if your device has been rooted.

checking android root status

With my innjoo note android phone being successfully rooted, i am trying to device a means to installing fonts on the innjoo note. Although it’s not beingn productive so far (worked out eventually). but I will keep trying and keep you updated on that as soon as a working means is discovered.


  1. i used king root to my android mobile. i got root is successful. but “requesting to root” message is still display in mobile. what will do?

  2. Please.. This is urgent, I rooted my phone but it started showing a blue straight at the middle of my screen… And the line isn’t full.. It is like one quarter
    What do I do

  3. hi.
    I have a Samsung galaxy pocket neo S5310I running android version 4.4.2 what i want to ask is. Can I root my phone using kingroot and can rooting with kingoroot brick my device?

  4. I was scared of the Chinese language so I downloaded the latest version from somewhere else I haven’t rooted though and tnks for the bis on android idea

  5. I’m sorry but I’m really bad at tech and devices so I hope you don’t mind. Recently I lost all the datas of my Sony Xperia Z when the upgrade to Lollipop went wrong. Now my phone is okay, but all the datas are gone. I already downloaded Kingroot, I just need to install it on my laptop. But I can’t install it since it leads me to the Playstore to read the downloaded file. How do I deal with this?

  6. I root my pbone from kingroot app and now it shows authorize your root. Can u tell me how i athorized my root.?
    Plz help me.

  7. Hey…which button should i tap for unrooting ma device man..please say me..i camt umderstand the chinese writings and now im sacred bcoz everytime i open kingroot it shows the tick sign…is it repeatedly rooting my device?

  8. Need help..i just rooted my o+ 8.33 with this app. And it work. But when i open browser or any browser app “except the Google play store” it turn into black screen and the browser will close.. Can anyone know what is happening

    • Rooting wouldn’t have resulted to such malfunction. What kinda browser do you use? Try restarting the phone because it may seem like the phone processes is consuming much ram size.

  9. I successfully rooted my phone.. But when i open the browser or any browsing app “except play store” it turn into black screen and then it close


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