Facebook Live Streaming Is Coming To iPhone Users Soon

Facebook live streaming just like YouTube live streaming, is self explanatory. The whole concept is about making a live video of what’s happening so that your friends can watch and likely join the interaction.

While this feature has been in the works for quite some time now (it was originally available to some selected celebrities in the US), it is now available to all iPhone users in the U.S. Android users would have to wait a little longer before the feature would be introduced on the platform.

Thankfully, iPhone users in some other part of the world won’t have to wait too long in other to have a taste as Facebook says it will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Facebook live streaming now available for iPhone users.

In other for users to use the live streaming feature on Facebook, users would first have to update their status and thereafter, touch the ‘Live Video’ icon. The status in this case could be giving your friends an idea of what the video is actually about. While live streaming is ongoing, friends can comment and this will be shown on the video as well as number of people currently watching the live streaming video.

Unlike periscope which only leaves live screaming videos for 24hours, Facebook live streaming videos can spend forever except the initiator decides to take it off. More so, live streamed videos are stored in the timeline as other activities the user shares.

Just as YouTube subscribe feature, Facebook users can subscribe to their friends, public figures, verified pages live streaming updates and will be notified when next a live stream is initiated. We will certainly be looking forward to this feature as well as the introduction of the addition emojis joining the like emoji on FB soon.


  1. Hi Mr Samuel,today I was thinking of updating my zero 2 to xui by following yr post which is at the bottom of the zero 2 xui post in which u referred us to a tutorial ( upgrade infinix hot note to lollipop). after I downloaded the vcom, sp flash tool nd was about to download the ROM file, I got confused in the whole thing.
    firstly I don’t know if d (MT6577 USB VCOM drivers) are for d hot note or zero 2.
    Im having so many troubles which I find difficult to say in doing this bcus I don’t want to brick my zero 2 so pls I would appreciate it if u could at least give a more detailed explanation for all this on a post mainly for zero 2 xui update rather than referring us to hot note update or if u could make a video showing us the step by step procedures bcus I got upset trying to do this.

    • Desmond, howdy? Sorry about the ordeal. The ROM file you should download is the one indicated in the zero 2 xui and not the one on the hot note. The simple reason i referred readers to the hot note tutorial is because of the steps. They require basically same steps so having to repeat same process could be consuming more time and more.

      Any of the VCOM drivers you downloaded from any of the post is fine. It’s a MediaTek driver and those infinix phones runs on MediaTek processor hence, installing ANY of the VCOM drivers i indicated on the post is fine. Just be sure to install them manually and properly otherwise, SP flash tool or infinix tool won’t notice the device(s) when connected to the computer.

      In regards video, i will be looking into that but for now, please bear with me. The whole process isn’t as complicated as you think. Just have the right ROM, use the right USB cableivers properly and everything should be fine. Of course, you shouldn’t interrupt the process immediately it starts reading otherwise, the phone will get bricked. Another thing, remember to back up your files before commencing the flashing process. Please let me know if you encounter any issues and I’d be willing to help extensively. Cheers!

  2. Before I forget, are we to extract the the vcom driver, Rom file (either hot note or zero) and sp flash tool? Bcus wen I wanted to manually install vcom, on d last post, u said we shld open USB DRIVERS AND SELECT WIN7.i didn’t see any USB DRIVERS on mine after I extracted using winzip bcus m also using WIN7 for dis update. I don’t know if m on d wrong path of if I omitted sumtin. Pls help once again


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