The Fear Of Godless Is The Beginning Of Your Phone’s Wisdom

Android device being prone to malwares isn’t new. Regardless of how the team at Android is putting in efforts to making its OS more secured, the fact that the OS is actually open-source, still makes it vulnerable.Godless malware is affecting android phones

Latest report from Researchers at security Intelligence blog states that Trend Micro have discovered a new mobile malware referred to ‘Godless’.

The mobile malware typically targets devices running Android 5.1 lollipop or earlier. And going by statistics, about 90% of Android users worldwide, are vulnerable to the new malware threat.

Few things you should know about Godless includes the fact that the malware uses an open-source rooting framework called android-rooting-tools. When Godless gains root privilege, it can thereafter, be remotely controlled to silently install unwanted software or even worse, spy on the Android user.

Talking on the new malware, here’s what Trend Micro had to say:

Based on the data gathered from our Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service, malicious apps related to this threat can be found in prominent app stores, including Google Play, and has affected over 850,000 devices worldwide.

We found various apps in Google Play that contain this malicious code. The malicious apps we’ve seen that have this new remote routine range from utility apps like flashlights and Wi-Fi apps, to copies of popular games. For example, a malicious flashlight app in Google Play called “Summer Flashlight” contained the malicious Godless code.

We have also seen a large amount of clean apps on Google Play that has corresponding malicious versions – they share the same developer certificate – in the wild. The versions on Google Play do not have the malicious code. Thus, there is a potential risk that users with non-malicious apps will be upgraded to the malicious versions without them knowing about apps’ new malicious behavior. Note that updating apps outside of Google Play is a violation of the store’s terms and conditions.

Now, you do not necessarily have to download any rooting app on your smartphone before it becomes vulnerable to the malware. The malware can ‘UN-noticeably’ be gotten from utility apps like flashlights, Wi-Fi apps, popular games, et cetera.

global distribution of affected devices by malware

Global distribution of affected devices
The malware is also available on app stores including Google Play store.  An example of such app is the ‘Summer Flashlight‘ which has currently been taken off the play store.

There are actually ways you can to an extent, bypass all of these malwares and threats and one of the best ways is by avoiding apps you don’t necessarily need or haven’t been reviewed.

It’s funny how some people go ahead to download flash light apps when most smartphones released these days, comes with a default flashlight function. Some download other apps that are totally not necessary.

If you must download an application you ‘feel’ you need, please be sure to read the reviews before choosing to download. As indicated in the title above, the fear of Godless (in general case, malware or virus), is the beginning of your phone’s wisdom.



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