First i think its nice we know the essence of prov files. Prov Files (Also referred to as Provisional Files) are provisioning files used for browsing on mobile phones. Without prov files, some phones cannot browse. Essentially phones running S40.

NOTE: Prov Files are used basically for s40 phones (series 40). Examples of such phones are Nokia 3110, 3500,3500c, 6233, 6288, 7110, 7210 etc.

how to create prov files for nokia s40 for free browsing

Have you ever wondered why no matter how hard you try to configure your phone, it’s still did not browse free with applications like bolt, opera, ucweb, mig33, shmessenger, ebuddy, etc?

Have you ever wondered why you’ve created a prov File on your phone but still didn’t work?

Well, sit back and let me take you on a ride to making configurations lot easier for your s40 phone..

How To Create and Activate Prov Files For Free Browsing

First download ‘moby explorer’ from

Secondly,make sure your personal configurations are correct for whatever network you use or simply request for settings from your service providers. In my next post, i will expose to you codes you can send to get your network default settings.

Goto your web browser >>click on ‘enter address‘ and input this address (link removed), when it opens click on the service provider icon you want to create provisional settings for. Lets take MTN for example.

The good news about MTN is that one provisional file works with all applications on your phone i.e opera, bolt, ucweb etc

When you click on MTN icon, enter the default ip in this format and select port 80, click on GENERATE

When you do this, it gives you two options which are ‘Download File‘ and ‘Zip and Download Files‘.

Click on download file, choose the path you want to save the file into, then click save. After downloading, exit your web browser. You are done with the first step.

Now go to where you saved the prov File, click on option, then details. If you see that the file ends with .EXE, That is where the ‘moby explorer’ come in. Go back to the main menu.

Now go to applications, click on games and locate your ‘moby explorer’ , open it and look for the path where you saved the prov. File, when you locate it, click on options and click on ‘rename’ then change the .EXE to .prov and click ok.

Exit the moby explorer, check on your file’s details and you will that it now ends with .prov , now send the file to a china phone or sonyericsson through bluetooth and send it back to your phone.

It will appear as configuration settings.

Now the final aspect. After you’ve saved the file and activate as default, Go to ‘settings’ then enter ‘configurations’. Enter default configurations and select the prov File you just saved and activate. Then come down to ‘activate as default’ and select OK.

Now go to your opera, bolt, or ucweb etc and insert a working cheat, you can find all working cheats in this blog, just search the blog.

Congratulations! I am such you can now browse free on your phone..

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  1. @Anonymous, yes u can i.e if their's a working cheat for the web browser but normally they work on applications like opera, bolt, ebuddy etc, now applications saved in a memory using a particular phone doesnt mean it would work on another phone, this is bcos some of the application files are stored on the phone thereby making the applications in the memory card work on the particular work it

  2. Cant i browse free wifout a bolt or an operamini afta creating a prov file,cuz i insertd my memory card that had bolt n opera in2 a c3 phone n it said format nt supportd.

  3. Yes thats what it ought to say, now all u need do is to send the file to a sony ericsson or china phone then send it back to urs, it should appear as configuration settings, just save and activate

  4. i tried creating a prov file using my c3 but still showing me file format notr suported y? Pls i need helpi tried creating a prov file using my c3 but still showing me file format notr suported y? Pls i need help

  5. Fynest, its always advisable u enter a site that could lead to another, it doesn't just stop at one page, this has been confirmed. For tutorials on how to download using opera 4.2 & 5 check d mobile tutorials category under labels

  6. Accordin 2 wt u state abt 2700c free browsin d web only open d 1st page n nth again open even wen its etisalat 15mb plan. Also hw can i dwnload tru 5.1 n 4.2 handler cos i tried all. tanx


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