Latest Update To Gmail For Android Warns You Of Potentially Dangerous External Links

Google has rolled out another update to Gmail. This update would possibly make you prefer Gmail to other email services. Gmail has most often at times, be preferred to others. However, there is something new you’d most likely appreciate.

new gmail for android latest update feature

Scam in relation to phishing webpages isn’t new. This is common with bank services and other related services that requires your bank or card details.

A couple of times, I have warned about clicking and submitting details to phishing sites or webpages. Especially bank or confidential account details. For those who don’t know, phishing webpages in it’s simplest term, are pages that ‘pose‘ to be what they ain’t. For example, a site can pose to be the Access Bank’s internet banking platform page when it actually isn’t.

Such web-pages or websites are basically put in place to capture unsuspecting user’s details. More reason you should always double check the web address before inputting details that should be considered ‘Confidential’. Other than details being captured, virus can be transmitted.

Gmail For Android Gets Anti-Phishing Security Check Feature To Warn Users

Thankfully, latest update being rolled out to Gmail users on Android platform, gets anti-phishing security check feature to warn users of external links.

Basically, when a user clicks on an external link in an email, a pop-up alert will surface if the link is considered dangerous.

Below is the message that will be seen in the alert pop-up on Gmail for Android:

The site you are trying to visit has been identified as forgery, intended to trick you into disclosing financial, personal, or other sensitive information.

While this is just a warning, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit the site. If you trust the page so much, you could go ahead. However, in most cases, it’s best you take a step backwards and seek assistance.

According to a post on G suite blog published by Google, some external links can be considered suspicious or dangerous based on certain keywords being used. This means, not every external link with a warning is actually harmful. However, as earlier advised, you should always double check the address bar before entering your data or downloading files.

Another way to tell if an email is from a reliable source or otherwise is to look at the sender’s email. Emails from organizations or banks often carry the bank or organization’s official website address. For example, You should always look out for that.

Although this update is currently available to Gmail users on Android, Google is planning on making the update available to other platforms.


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