Gmail App For Android Now Lets You Send And Receive Money But With A Twist

Google has long last, provided the ability to send and receive money using the gmail App for Android. Being able to send and receive money via Gmail isn’t new. The service has been available on it’s desktop platform since two years back.

Thankfully, the latest Android version of the app (7.2.26) released in the US, will be able to send and request money. The new feature can be found within the attachment option. Same attachment option which users can use in adding media and document files to their email.

The new feature works in same manner the desktop option has been working. The sender would need to tap on Send Money, enter the Google Wallet details, input the amount and send to the recipient.

send and receive money using gmail app for android

The recipient will get the message and see the the payment request inline. The receiver would therefore, need to tap on the Claim Money option and will be redirected to a verification page.

The interesting part is, while the sender needs a Google Wallet account in other to send money, the receiver do not necessarily need Google Wallet installed on their phone. Other modes of payment include debit card, credit card, net banking, etc. More so, sending and requesting money comes with no extra cost.

Send and receive money using gmail

Google via a blog post, Says:

“Recipients can receive or request money right from the email itself—without having to install another payment app. They can even arrange for money they receive to go directly into their bank account. Either way, it’s completely free for both of you.”

Now to the part where I said with a Twist. The feature isn’t available worldwide. At least, not in this part of the world. And by that, I mean Africa, Nigeria.

Additionally, users cannot send and receive money between two countries using Google Wallet.

However, as a consolation, BBM allows sending and receiving money via PayPal. More so, BBM users can send and receive money via Quickteller. That’s available to Nigerians.


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