Sometime in June/July, infinix mobility announced that some of its latest phones will be getting the Android lollipop OS update in August. This was made known before the launch of the infinix hot 2 smart phone which was unveiled on the 18th of August and came out of the box with android lollipop OS.

In August, infinix mobility launched an android 5.1 XUI beta OS for the infinix hot note x551 android phone. The downside is, it had some bugs considering the fact that it was still in beta and it requires you downloading and flashing the OS into the phone rather than a OTA update.

For most people, downloading and flashing the ROM is pretty tasky and a simple mistake could get the phone bricked. In subsequent posts, I should be writing on how to upgrade your infinix Hot Note X551 android phone to android 5.1 lollipop OS without bricking the phone.

Infinix Hot Note x551 lollipop OS
On the 28th of August, another update was rolled over for the android lollipop 5.1 OS and although the update can be downloaded via OTA, installing it on the infinix hot note x551 via OTA wouldn’t work. Hence, it was necessary to install from the recovery menu as that seemed like the only solution. It wasn’t really a big deal to accomplish as everything went smooth and fine.

Now, that’s just an intro in regards the Android 5.1 lollipop revolution on infinix hot note x551. If you ask me what the experience has been like so far, I would say Awesome! Compared to the android lollipop OS on the infinix hot 2 x510, I still prefer that on the infinix hot note X551.

Hands-On With Android 5.1 Lollipop OS on Infinix Hot Note X551

Now to the main subject of the post, my hands-on review of the 5.1 lollipop OS on the infinix hot note x551 android smart phone. I’d be sharing some pictures with you as well in other to make the message more understandable.

The Interface

The interface in the device with the new OS compared to the android 4.4 kitkat is spectacular. To be honest, I find myself loving the device now compared to when it was running android 4.4 kitkat. Another interesting thing I like with the lollipop OS on the hot note phone is the theme feature.

You can use themes on the hot note device now. However, you can only use pre-loaded themes. By that, I mean you cannot download themes online. More themes were introduced as a result of the new update rolled out on the 28th of August.

This is what the lollipop OS looks like on the infinix hot note. Although, using a theme.

old android lollipop OS interface on infinix hot note

I decided to do a little more customization by changing the wallpapers which I downloaded via the wallpaper app. Although there are some pre-installed wallpapers on the phone, I needed something more and the dog thing catches my fantasy (I actually love dogs as well).

new interface on hot note x551

Notification Tray

The notification tray isn’t quite different from what’s in the stock android lollipop OS. However, there are more options on the notification tray which includes battery saver, Ultra power and screenshot.

Notification tray on the infinix hot note x551 lollipop

The screenshot option helps you quickly take a screenshot instead of having to hold the volume down and power buttons together.


So far so good, the performance on the device has been sleek. The only downside in this regards is the RAM management.

multitask on infinix hot note
Although so far so good, I haven’t experienced any lags or whatever, I feel the RAM could be better managed.


new infinix hot note OS
As you already know, the device now runs on android 5.1 lollipop but with XUI Beta2. So far so good, I don’t see any much difference from the stock android lollipop OS except for the fact that the XUI Beta2 is even better with theme and font management.


If you are still running on android 4.4 kitkat and you are wondering whether or not to upgrade to android lollipop 5.1 on the infinix hot note x551, I would advise you do so the earliest you can. The new OS looks so sweet compared to the formal. Just like in my case, it could make you love your device more.


  1. How can I upgrade mine since its not available from OTA. My phone is telling me it’s the latest version which is still 4.4 kit kat.

  2. hi. my name is kenedy. read your post and I wanna change to lollipop 5.1 but the problem is that my computer runs on 32 bit system and the files you are providing require a 64 bit system pc. so how do I go about that now? can you provide zip driver files for 32 bit or is it a must I upgrade my pc to 64 bit?

  3. I’m Going To Leave The Phone Unattended To For 2 Days & Then C What Might Become Of It. Prior To This Incidence I’ve Had A Full Backup With Mtk Droid Tool. Thanks Sam!

  4. Infinix told we will find solution here and all I just see is explaining how the os works. I want this thing and I don’t wanna brick ma fone because flashing using computer no be small thing. Mr kindly help out and post the charp charp

  5. D rom is fantastic with cool features am actually using the 0828 version on my hot note pro and there is no difference BTW it and d latest version except d xui version as he already explained. So guys rush and flash yours now there’s no big deal in flashing it i was scared of bricking my phone in d first place but I followed d processes very well and upgraded my hot note pro to 0828 version of the lollipop… So visit d forum on how to flash d stock rom if u need further explanation u can contact me via whatsapp 08107448187 …. Thanks to infinix mobile

  6. I Have A Hard Bricked Infinix Hn Pro That Refuses To Power On Nor Even Be Recognized By Wins Xp Due To Sp Flash Tool Interruption. I Have A Vcom Driver, Mtk Droid Tool, Have Also Charged The Phone Like 2days Now Yet No Hope. Can U Help Me Out, Guru? My Email:[email protected]

    • Pacyrus, leave the phone for a while and then come back to it in about two days time. It could turn up. I experienced same the first time i was flashing a rom to the infinix hot note x551. Hope you have got the stock rom for the phone sha?? Just in-case it turns back on, so that you can flash it in. Remember to fully charge the phone before flashing (i.e when the phone turns back on).


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