Happy Independence Day Nigerians – Get Free 5MB and 4mins Of Calls From MTN

Hello Nigerians, its October 1st, the day we celebrate the independence day of my beloved country Nigeria. I am officially saying Happy Independence to you. Please let’s keep praying for our beloved country Nigeria. Do you know how old is our country now? Am sure most people don’t. Oh well, Nigeria marks 54 years of age today counting from 1960. Hope you will make good use of the day though.

Now, speaking of making good use of the day, MTN is giving its subscribers free 5MB of data and 4 mins of call talk time. Now, i know that’s kinda next to nothing but hey, half loaf of bread is better than chin-chin right? Now, we kinda know that our beloved MTN Network isn’t good at giving something totally free and that’s why they require you loading a minimum of N100 before you can get this benefits.

happy independence day, free 5mb from mtn

Okay, N100 isn’t something to hold on tight to. You still get your money back. The money won’t be deducted plus you get the free 5MB and 4 Mins of calls talk time from MTN. Personally, the 5MB data and 4 free mins call cost slightly over hundred naira. You probably should take good use of it.

How Do I Get The Free 5MB and 4 Mins Call TalkTime From MTN?

Here is the message received:

Hurray! Receive Free 5MB to browse and 4mins of calls as you celebrate Nigeria @ 54. Simply recharge N100 & above to enjoy this offer. Valid till 11.59 1/10/2014.

Now, this offer expires today by 11.59. Its up to you whether or not you want to utilize the free 5MB and 4 mins call talk time from MTN. Once again, Happy Independence Day People!



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