If you are thinking of moving to Ghana for reason(s) best known to you or you just want to get an idea of the GSM Mobile Networks Available In Ghana, this post certainly comes in handy. We sure got your back pal!

Mobile GSM networks in Ghana

There are basically five GSM Mobile Networks Available In Ghana. These GSM based mobile networks offer HSDPA and HSPA+ services and that of course, deals with data services.

GSM Mobile Networks In Ghana

The GSM Mobile Services Available In Ghana are:

Tigo Ghana: HSDPA
Vodafone Ghana: HSDPA
Airtel Ghana: HSPA+
Glo Ghana: HSPA+

Am sure you aren’t thinking everyone of them offers same data plans and charges. Were you? Well, each of them have different voice and data plans and perhaps, different charges and travelers are more than welcome to subscribe to any. Of course, you will need to purchase the sim first.

Where Can I Purchase A Mobile Network SIM In Ghana?

If you are wondering where you can quickly purchase any of the mobile network Sims when you arrive Ghana, Kotoka international airport has got a slot where arriving travellers can purchase any mobile network Sims of their choice. In same slot, you can load airtime on the sim and also activate a data plan instantly.

Although These days, most GSM Mobile Networks allows roaming. While that could save you the hustle of having to buy a Ghana sim instantly, recharging and activating a data plan, it’s rather more expensive than normal rates and in cases where you will possibly be making lots of calls, it’d be a better idea to just get a new sim.

Wish you all the very best. Cheers!



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