Here’s How To Use Glo New Cheap Data Plans On Blackberry 10 Phones

I sincerely apologise if this is coming late. Over the years, Blackberry plans have been the cheapest data plans we could get. We actually used the glo Blackberry plans for years on both Blackberry 10 phones and Android phones till globacom recently launched new cheap data plans cheaper than the Blackberry plans.

With the newly unveiled glo data plans, you can get a whooping 48GB data plan for just N8000 which in my opinion, is the cheapest in Nigeria.

use glo cheap data plans on blackberry 10 phones

Interestingly, these new data plans work on all devices with internet connectivity. Blackberry 10 users are not entirely left out of the fun. However, by default, Blackberry 10 users may not be able to use the data plans but there’s a way around it and it’s very simple.

Using Glo Newly Launched Cheap Data Plans On Blackberry 10 Phones

If you’d like to use glo’s new cheap data plans on BB10 phones, simply follow the below procedures.

  • On the BB10 phone, navigate to settings
  • Tap on Network and Connections
  • Tap on Mobile Network
  • Look below the screen on that page and tap on the settings symbol.
  • Change APN from to gloflat or glosecure then save.

Go back and wait till the data connection come alive.

It’s that simple. If for any reason, it seem not to have worked, simply turn off mobile network or data network for a few seconds then turn it back on. Simple as ABC.


  1. Pls how do u then check ur data balance on ur BB10 phone?. I have tried sending info to 127 but to no avail.
    Good facelift to ur blog by the way.

  2. I have tried that too but it doesn’t give d desired result. I get a “network out of order” msg. I think I will need to call customer care. Thanks

  3. So I was clarified about the data balance issue by glo. To check data balance on BlackBerry 10 phones, dial *127*0# or dial *777# then 1,select 4, select 4 again. Thought I should share with the blog!! Danke!!


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