It’s no longer news that whatsapp calls now work on android and Blackberry 10 Phones. We even provided a post where we helped our readers in activating their whatsapp apps for the voice call feature by simply calling their numbers using the whatsapp application. If you use a blackberry 10 phone, android or windows phone and you are still not flexing this whatsapp voice call feature, then you are really on a very looooooooooooooooong thing.

whatsapp voice call feature

For android users, you do not need to be called anymore before the voice call functionality can be activated for you as whatsapp newly launched an update to the app which comes with the voice call feature as an update. Hence, if you use an android phone and you are not yet rocking the voice call feature on whatsapp, simply head over to Google play store on your phone and choose to update your whatsapp application.

Same applies to windows phone users. Simply update your app and enjoy using the voice feature. If for any reason, you still cannot see the whatsapp call feature working on your windows phone, simply post your number using the comment form and i will personally call you using whatsapp voice feature so yours could be activated too but then, it’s very important you pick the call because that’s only when it will work and you need to be running the latest app update.

Checking Whatsapp Missed Calls, Dialed and Received Calls On Blackberry 10 Phones

For blackberry 10 phones, i am quite aware that in most cases, you do not get notified of incoming calls from whatsapp via a tone and am still trying to figure out why but then, let’s relate on how we could check missed calls, dialed and received calls on blackberry 10 phones via the whatsapp app.

view whatsapp voice call logs on blackberry 10

==> Launch the whatsapp application on your blackberry 10 phone,

==> Swipe the screen from the left to the right and you should be provided with some menus.

==> Look out for Calls and tap on it. There you can view your whatsapp missed calls, received calls and dialed calls.

If you are still not rocking the whatsapp voice call feature, we sure want to help you out. Simply post your number using the comment form and further instruction will be communicated to you here via a reply to your comment.


  1. Feeling great.!! Amazing blog!! I am truly impressed with Blackberry’s new marketing approach. I really appreciate you! GoodLuck.!!

  2. sorry sam , i jst read ur reply to my post at d other end, didnt check b4 i posted here,, am qoin 2 update my whatsapp


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