Ordinarily, I’d believe the topic on how to download and install 2go on BlackBerry 10 phones shouldn’t be considered as a big deal, however, most people who are not as techie as I am may be having difficulties with this and if you are one of those, good to have you here pal and am always at your service.

If you are using a blackberry 10 mobile device like the Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 and other device running the BB10 Operating system, you might be having issues with knowing which site to download 2go application from.

Basically, 2go has lots of domain names which include www.2go.com.ng, wap.2go.co.za, wap.2go.im etc. On some other phones than the BB10, visiting any of these domains could lead you to where you could download 2go messenger app. However, on a bb10 device, its kinda different.

Download 2go On Blackberry 10 Phones

For instance, if you visit www.2go.com.ng using your blackberry Q5 default browser, it takes you to a page which seem like the desktop version and main website of the application but you can’t download the chat app from there. Here on this post, I’d like to walk you through on how to Download 2go chat app on a BB10 device.

How To Download And Install 2go On BB10 phones

==> Using the default browser, visit wap.2go.im
==> Choose to download the latest version of the application and you will automatically be redirected to your blackberry world app
==> Download the app. After downloading, the app should install itself which you will be notified as that is done.
==> After successful installation, open the app and you are good to go.


==> Launch your BlackBerry world app on your bb10 device and search for 2go, download, install and use.

It’s that simple, isn’t it? I’d believe with the contained tutorial above, downloading and installing 2go chat application on your blackberry 10 phone shouldn’t be a big deal.



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