How To Take Screenshots On BlackBerry 10 Phones (Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10)

I quite understand that it might sound belittling to write on how to take screenshots on blackberry 10 phones like Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 as most people already know how to achieve this things. However, our main purpose is to aid those who can’t do these things on their own and to tutor them accordingly.

Unlike lower blackberry OS devices like the curve 2, bold 2, torch and sorts, using apps is necessary. However, for bb10 phones and tablet, you do not need a screenshoting app.

Initially, when I first wanted to take a screenshot on my bb10, I thought I would be needing an app like screen muncher, screen grabber or sorts, I checked the blackberry world but couldn’t find any of them. Little did I know that bb10 phones works almost same with the blackberry playbook tablet which was a device I used in the past.

Without taking much of your time with much talks, let’s head over to the subject matter.

take screenshots on blackberry 10 phones like Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10

Taking screenshot On Blackberry 10 Phones

If you are using a blackberry 10 phone like a bb Z10, Z30, Q5 or a Q10, the process is very simple and straight.

All you need do is hold both volume keys when on the screen you do like to take a screen shot of.

For example, if you are on the menu page of your phone and you’d like to take a screen shot of it, simple hold the volume up and volume down buttons together while on the menu screen and you should get a notification on the screen that screenshot has been saved to pictures.

Navigate to your pictures folder and you should find it there.

In subsequent posts, I will be writing on how to download and install android apps on the blackberry 10 device. However, I hope this comes in handy in aiding you with taking screenshots on your bb10 tablet or phone.


  1. Actually thanks for this tutorials, I needed this screen munching idea to get my barcode out so I can use it…….thanks anyway!

  2. This is so interesting, I have been using a bb10 few month ago and having problem with screenshot not know it’s jst so easy as ABC. Kudos to you Sam….keep up the good work


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