Infinix, today being the 4th of April, 2016, Launched the infinix Hot 3 x554 android phone to the Nigerian market. The phone which is seen as an upgrade to the first android one smartphone in Africa, infinix hot 2, was launched in Indonesia and Kenya last month.

Infinix hot 3 smartphone specs and price in Nigeria

Before now, we had shared some images of the smartphone as well as the specs and apparently, we weren’t wrong in those information. However, you can check out the full specs of the smartphone below:

Infinix Hot 3 X554 Full Phone Specs

[aps_product_specs id=”11940″]

Price Of Infinix Hot 3 x554 In Nigeria?

As indicated above, the infinix hot 3 was launched with a price tag of N26,500. While the price tag seem very affordable, something isn’t just right. Elly, few days back, gave us a hint via comment stating that the hot 3 has been launched in Kenya with a price tag of $75 (75USD).

infinix hot 3 price in kenya

I also did some little research and stumbled on a kenya website currently selling the hot 3 x554 smartphone for KSH 7,899. Since i don’t know the current exchange rate, i decided to consult Google and Google said Kenyan Shilling 7,899 equals to N15,507.79 in Naira.
price of infinix hot 3 in kenya revealed finding out kenya shilling to Naira rate

Okay, i do understand that the exchange rate provided by Google may not be accurate and dollar rate affects the price but then, let’s do some very simple mathematics going by what Elly said.

As at today being the 4th of April, 2016, i made a purchase online and my bank charged me N305 to a dollar. Some banks in Nigeria charge even less. Now, N305 x 75 = N22,875. If we want to go further by using the black market dollar exchange rate, N320 x 75 = N24,000. The difference may be very little but i don’t think it’s fair. So my question is, why the difference in price? Are we being cheated?


  1. Hmm, gI don’t really know what to say, but I know Tecno devices with similar doesn’t cost up to the 26,500 and I haven’t seen any special features that make it costly like that.

  2. Na wa o. Even despite the economic situation of the country? What’s even the difference between the hot 2 and the hot 3? They seem to be pretty much the same.

  3. Just like you said, the price isn’t much but considering the number of people that are going to buy the phone at that price, it is too much.

    Well, this is Naija. The common man doesn’t always have a say.


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